Step Six: Look to Your Younger Self


How often do adults look at children and think “Wow, things were so much simpler then.” It is so easy for children to imagine that they can do anything they want, but somewhere along the way, those dreams get lost. We grow up, gain an attitude, think we are invincible and enter the ‘real world’ thinking they will work anywhere to make a living. Before we know it, five, ten, fifteen years have gone by and you go home to the same house complaining about your job.

The key to happiness as pointed out in an article by a woman who took the challenge to look to her past and realize the dreams she left there and to try to achieve some of them. Glynnis Witwer is a church-going woman and it was during a sermon that she realized how much she wanted to achieve some of the dreams she had wanted as a child.

Witwer confirms that it is a scary and daunting notion to make changes to your life and it is natural to be reluctant. After that sermon she remembered her love to sing and pictured her younger self, hairbrush in hand singing the great classics, but she did nothing.

Several years later her pastor made a call to action that Witwer couldn’t ignore. She addressed the rest of the community through her article, because often the key to be happy is to look toward our happier, younger selves.

Her belief is reinforced in another article that shows 100 ways to reinvent your life. Step 28 agrees that even if it isn’t the exact same as your dream, but is only a piece of it, it is still important to your happiness.

“Maybe your dream was to adopt a child or go on a mission trip. Maybe it was to open your home to neighbors or lead teens at church. At the time your dream seemed too big or came with too many barriers. Now it’s a hazy memory.”

It is important to not only find your passion, as was the first step demonstrated in this blog, but to remember what made you happy and work toward it.

Step Six: Look to your younger self


Step Five: Bolster Your Profession


“Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change …”-Stephen R. Covey

After four or five long years in college, graduation is upon you. Or perhaps graduation happened a couple years ago and you are still working at the diner down the street trying to make ends meet with the tips earned in a couple hours. Perhaps taking drink orders and bringing food to customers does not sustain you anymore and you want something more.

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Step Three: Clean Out Your Closet


Well, it’s official. Your childhood days are over and you are growing up. Gone are the days when Mom did your hair and piggy tails were cute. No longer do you put on frilly dresses and follow your parents around.

You are now the young and glorious twenty-something with the world at your fingertips and the chance to reinvent yourself. Every couple of years it is important to look at yourself and decide if you are reinforcing your age or if you are simply trying to fit into those dresses that made you look “cute” when you were younger. You are an adult now and the next step in your life is to reflect that.

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Step Two: Make A Plan


If you’re tired of starting over; STOP giving up.

Getting started was the hardest part but now what? How do you keep the momentum going? The problem many people have is they get excited at first about trying something new and they are up for anything, the sky is the limit!

It’s like a child with a bright, shiny new toy. They play with it nonstop for the first couple of days and then gradually move on to something else. The key is to diffuse that before it even starts, keep going. Keep trying. Don’t just make this new idea an attempt at bettering yourself, make it more than an attempt. Things done for longer than a month become habit forming, make this a part of your life.

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Step One: Find Your Passion


You have finally hit your 20’s, you’ve been waiting for this since you were a kid. You looked forward to nights when you no longer had a curfew and could eat anything you want. The things that no one told you was that your body would change, your metabolism would slow down, college would begin to drag by and soon you would wonder if you will ever graduate.

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